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10 Best Movie Parodies on Adult Swim


Movies are the great escape. They give you something to think about in your spare time instead of whatever dull non-fiction is passing for your life at the moment. So it's no surprise people want to incorporate movies into their work. Try to be understanding if the IT guy's computer advice is to "always bet on black," or the Starbucks lady hands you a coffee and says, "This is my boomstick." Not everyone can work parody into their chosen professions.

10 Aqua Teen Hunger Force

Actually, this pretty well captures the allure and intelligence of the entire Saw franchise in less than thirty seconds.

7 Family Guy

We're going to go out on a limb here and suggest that Brian probably learned more from the students than they did from him.

6 Squidbillies

This parodies the scene in Red Dawn when Swayze's character convinces the entire Russian army that C. Thomas Howell is robbing banks dressed like Ronald Reagan.

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