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8 Best Superman Moments on Adult Swim


It would be wonderful to live in the world of Superman, wouldn't it? Where people with superior strength and intelligence are not only not bullies, but actively help those in need, where criminals are always punished, and where journalists aren't a withering blight on humanity? Then again, it's also a world where eyeglasses are so distracting and unattractive that the person wearing them is rendered unidentifiable, where badass aliens wear super-low V-necks with balloon sleeves, and where Richard Pryor isn't funny. Superman can't save everything.

3 Robot Chicken

Okay, so Superman only makes a brief appearance here. But we like this clip because it shows another side of him. A side that would choose to drive to work when he could not only fly there, but fly there while carrying the rest of his carpool in a car. Way to stay in touch with your roots, Superman.

2 Robot Chicken

Let's hope he doesn't land in Europe. If Europeans saw him leaving adequate tips for his servers, they might guess that he's an alien.

1 Family Guy

This clip led to our snappiest comeback in memory: "Oh, excuse me, I thought I was interrupting you watching a Two and a Half Men rerun, but I see now that you must be having a conference with other superheroes about how to save the world's gold supply from being irradiated by your arch-enemy."

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