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Adult Swim's 10 Uncensored Topless Moments


No, we're not supposed to have nudity on our site. So enjoy this list while you can, we have a feeling it's not going to stay up forever. And though we're not exactly proud to be pandering like this, we are happy to say that, as is so often the case, someone else's mistakes have become a focal point for our amusement. So here, to our mutual shame, are Adult Swim's 10 best (and only) topless moments as of 3/1/13.

10 Childrens Hospital

Corniest porn dialogue ever? Yes. But you can’t argue that those sweater puppies aren’t eye catching. Keep your eyes peeled and you might catch some accidental slippage of the nipple variety. It’s just what the doctor ordered. On an unrelated note, who is your health-care provider?

9 Metalocalypse

As if you needed another reason to want to be a robot for a day. Check out how much game this drum machine is getting. More importantly, check out the two (yes, you heard us right) sets of exposed cans in one scene! Animated nudity has never rocked so hard.

8 Robot Chicken

It defined a generation, transcended its genre, and could be considered the peak of cinema history. What? No, not that dumb space movie. We were talking about the nip slip at the 49 second mark. That’s literally all we are ever talking about.

7 The Venture Bros.

No special viewing secret here, faithful readers. Feast your eyes on Sally Impossible's admirable anatomy. You can see absolutely everything. Like her serratus anterior muscles, for instance. Ooh la la!

6 Titan Maximum

These boobs were hand-crafted for your viewing pleasure, and you’re going to enjoy the results. Especially the part where the animators failed to completely cover up those glorious clay melons. If more protests were this hot, we’d definitely be more politically active, if you catch our drift.

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