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Top Ten Ass-Kicking Adult Swim Babes


We're kind of on the fence when it comes to strong women. On the one hand, strong women are intimidating; they have things like "muscles" and "willpower" and "opinions". But it is these very same qualities that are also undeniably attractive. It's troubling, for sure. We'll continue to think on this topic right after we get done looking at some online pornography.

10 Superjail!

Anyone who uses the phrase "thigh pie" immediately gets our attention.

9 Eagleheart

Susie is a sexual storm just waiting to be unleashed. At least that was our impression when we were listening to her sleep through the hotel room wall.

7 Squidbillies

Every ass-kicking session should be followed by serious tongue action.

6 The Boondocks

A tough chick like Brenda is the kind of girl we'd like to tussle with all night long (all night).

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