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Hayley Smith's Gotta Have It


For a girl with a steady boyfriend (who lives in her front yard), Hayley sure does seem to get around. Maybe she's fighting the conservative repression of her father Stan. Or maybe she's a courageous feminist who's proving that women can be interested in casual sex, just like men, and not be considered sluts. Or maybe she just really likes penis. Here are six of the guys we've seen Hayley hook up with on American Dad.


We're not sure how Jeff scored as hot a girl as Hayley but we're betting it has something to do with his bitching van graphics.


In Hayley's defense, we would sleep with Patrick Stewart's voice too.


Kazim may not be a suicide bomber, but Swarma King will make you feel like you've exploded on the inside.


We're not sure we would want a guy with "lightning hands" dating our daughter, but whatever's clever.


[adult swim] is filled with characters with messed up daddy issues, from Birdgirl to Dr. Venture to Tim and Eric. But, somehow, we've resisted the urge to become nauseous until now. Congratulations, Hayley.

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