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Meg's 10 Most Humiliating Moments


When Family Guy started, we all thought that Meg was clearly the crappiest character. Suddenly, a season or two later, the Griffins realized it too. Here are ten moments in the sad, sad life of Meg Griffin. Watch Family Guy weeknights at 11p ET/PT on Adult Swim.


Meg has a poster of 'N Sync on her wall. When was the last time you saw a 17-year-old girl with one of those? More proof of Meg's suckiness.


We hate to tell Lois this, but that's not glitter on that Sperm Dumpster shirt.


Meg might be horrible, but she's not stupid. She's getting what looks like a lot of drugs for not very much money. That's spending smart.


A dog will lick its own ass. However, Brian still rejects Meg. That has to sting a bit.


It's bad that Peter throws lemonade in Meg's face. It's worse that Lois just takes it all in smilingly and says nothing. And then walks away without even giving Meg a glass of lemonade. Or even a towel. Congratulations, Meg. It's official. Your family hates you.

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