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10 Best Robot Chicken Anime Parodies


It's not easy to parody something that already feels like it's parodying something else. But that's what's great about anime. It isn't a parody. Despite the constant feeling that someone out there is just messing with you, anime is nothing more than storytelling. If the story is being told by a mental patient on an acid trip, shouting through a mechanical larynx in a wind tunnel.


When exactly does one cross the line from cute innocent into slutty temptress? And why does nobody in Japan seem to even be aware that a line exists?


Note to guys: avoid wearing full body stockings until you've lost all ability to function sexually. Really, even then...


This guy makes faking an interest in Inuyasha look easy. And believe you me, even when it's a job requirement, that is not easy at all.


Gosh, maybe this whole tentacle monster pornography thing is just another boy-meets-girl story, and not the catalyst for dangerous, sociopathic behavior that we've all reasonably assumed it to be.


Wait, wait, wait. Okay, even in a nerd's fantasy, hot girls in a shower should not know the plot device of Ranma Nibun-no-Ichi. For that matter, neither should we.

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