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The 10 Best Robot Chicken Sex Moments


Toys have been dating since the first time Barbie spotted Ken surfing near her Malibu Beach House. It took the guys at Robot Chicken to cut all that sexual tension with actual sex. Here are ten reasons we're glad that our G.I. Joes were never anatomically accurate.


We wish Unicorns were real, too. It might explain what happened to our clothes on many long nights.


Most people in Vegas get screwed by the slot machines. The Humping Robot is a hero for turning it around.


To be fair, it wasn't just that she had something in her mouth. She also had a lot of things on her mind right then.


This sketch nails the exact feeling of attraction / repulsion / hopelessness-for-society that you get from watching many MTV shows.


Thank you for being our friends. Traveled down the road and back again. Now please, never tell us about your sex lives. Ever. Never ever.

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